Use your Android Mobile Device(s) as an SMS Gateway

Utilize your network provider's unlimited SMS plan, cheap and cost-effective solution for marketing, bulk SMS and projects in your country. Use your sim enabled android devices, our platform provides the complete tools to help you get started.

Great Features

Our platform is packed with efficient and complete tools to manage your messages, you'll have full control on your account features.

Marketing tools

Quick and bulk SMS sending

Easily add several Android devices to your account and send tons of messages to different contact groups easily, you can also send quick messages for fast transactions. Our platform also includes smart sending features, we will automatically decide what device is the best for sending!


Intuitive API features

Easily integrate SMS sending capability to any systems with our fully documentated API interface, you'll be able to do it by yourself! Completely control all your API transactions with our multi-permission api keys.

Efficiently Smart

Automated and smart tools

Manage your business while we take care the dirty work, our platform is smart and only needs the messages you want to send immediatley or scheduled then we'll do the rest!

Most Affordable Bulk Sender on the Planet

Choose the best package that suits your business, if you are just looking for testing our service or want to use it for small tasks, register to our free plan, no credit card required.

  • 500 Daily Sending
  • 500 Daily Receiving
  • 100 Saved Contacts
  • 1 Registered Devices
  • 1 API Keys
  • 1 Webhooks
  • 10,000 Daily Sending
  • 10,000 Daily Receiving
  • 1,000 Saved Contacts
  • 25 Registered Devices
  • 25 API Keys
  • 25 Webhooks
  • 100,000 Daily Sending
  • 100,000 Daily Receiving
  • 10,000 Saved Contacts
  • 100 Registered Devices
  • 250 API Keys
  • 250 Webhooks
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